Monday, February 27, 2012

What made you think that was a good idea?

Despite his training as a psych nurse, I find my husband sometimes lacking in the area of compassion. Oh, he's pretty good with the bigger disappointments in life, but when I do something silly or stupid, he's more likely to ignore my plaint than to offer any advice or consolation.

Sometimes, though, he will say: What made you think that was a good idea?

I like to think that he means, "Someone of your great judgment made a misstep? There must be a sound reason for your folly," (he does speak like Mr. Darcy on occasion) rather than, "Are you crazy or what?"

After a week or two of working on the Kona cotton quilt -- the top is completed, but I haven't decided how to quilt it -- it was time this morning to venture back into the archeological site I call my fabric closet to look at prints.

I have to tell you, sometimes I wonder what made me think some of those purchases were a good idea.

Case in point: a brown cotton decorated with beady-eyed lovebirds and lemons that I had intended to make into a purse for Hilary. 

First of all, I'm pretty sure Hilary never wanted a citrus purse. Second, if those are lovebirds, there must truly be a fine line between love and hate.

Because of its scale, you can't really cut this fabric into squares or strips without destroying the intent of the design. Which, I guess, is a good thing. Let me just fussy-cut all those birds' eyes pieces and sew them together for you.

And how about this one? Sadly, not only do I have it in orange and yellow (with magenta accents), I purchased a set of fat quarters of the same print in different colorways. I'm not sure if those are flowers or something we studied in the biology class marine unit.

Finally, this one is kind of cute. It's flannel and I bought it when a quilt shop was going out of business, thinking it would be fun to have in a raggy flannel baby quilt. Only paid $3 a yard for it, too. But after studying it a while, maybe it's more appropriate for a buckaroo than a baby. Paired with denim? Perhaps. But it's possible the best idea would be to just put it out to pasture and give it to the first reader who wants it.

I promise to only affirm your decision to take it. And that's no bull.


  1. Barb, I sort of like the floral print...even the beady-eyed birds! I know you and your artistic eyes will soon figure out what to do with these little scraps of joy!

  2. You might just be the owner of a beady-eyed bird purse some day!

    1. Oh, I would love that! Just as long as I don't have to learn how to tweet!