Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Progress is in the stars

Last week and over the weekend, I took a break from charity quilting to work on the Kona and batik commission, which is coming along splendidly even if I did discover that if my sample block unit is approximately 11 x 11 and the total quilt is 90 x 108, I need 90 units, or 90 EACH of two large blocks, three smaller rectangular blocks and separating squares. Please feel free to check my math. I have completed about 30 of each of the two large blocks, which means the light at the end of the tunnel is a dim bulb (not unlike me when I do math).

Today I returned to the latest Freedom Place quilt, which I'm making out of the Fast No-Match Stars. The quilt will require 12 stars and I have seven finished. I'm using some of the fabric that was donated for these quilts and I have dipped into my stash. And -- because my Catholic friends tell me confession is good for the soul -- I'll admit that I even bought a half-yard of a floral that I thought would go nicely with the bright butterfly fabric.

I need to get a little more teal in there, and this isn't the final arrangement, but I think it will be a pretty quilt. I may add sashing between the blocks, although the original pattern doesn't have any.

Unless my eye is poked out by one of Christina (oh, excuse me, Xtina) Aguilera's breasts when I watch The Voice tonight, I should have the rest of the blocks done tomorrow.


  1. Really like these Barb, great work. The colours are terrific!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! I finished the blocks yesterday and straightened them today. Have a few more in the green and teal range, which cools the overall look off a lot. I think I'll use the yellow as sashing, though, because I have a lot of it left.