Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show me yours, I'll show you mine

One of the neat things about writing a blog about quilting is that you get to "meet" other quilters who are also blogging. By participating in two quilt blogger sites/directories, I've increased my exposure to others and have found a great community of kindred spirits. It's also encouraged me to coin a new term: quilting blog brain clog. This occurs when you've read so many blogs and gotten so many ideas that you can't quite think straight, and sometimes your comments reflect that. Like last night, when I told a blogger I was sewing through my blog. It was accidental -- I meant sewing through my stash, of course -- but HAH! it made her look at my blog so see what the heck I was talking about.

Somehow along the way, I also found a group called Connected Threadz, which is like Facebook for fabric artists. We keep up a virtual show and tell about our projects, and discuss other related topics. CT seems to have attracted a nice cross section of newer and more accomplished quilters, including professional longarm artists, teachers and pattern designers. When I asked for recommendations for quick quilts that have a lot of impact (to be given to Freedom Place), they suggested Fast No-Match Stars by CT member Jane Hardy Miller.

Here are a couple of those stars. You'll see I've used the butterfly fabric featured in another quilt, plus scraps from my stash. They're bright, all right, and I probably need a little more contrast so the stars are more obvious, but I'll temper them with some more subdued fabrics and the completed top should look just right.

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