Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So you've always been a storyteller?

I met with a former client the other day at the bar in Chili's. Yes, he was a writing client (what are you suggesting?), and yes, that is an odd place to meet, but he was driving back from a quick trip to Austin and the Chili's near me is conveniently on the highway frontage road and he needed a beer and I'm trying to resurrect our business relationship, so that's what happened.

We talked about a potential writing project for about 11 minutes, then I made some remark that inspired him to say, Oh, so you've always been a storyteller?

Did he mean I fictionalize? Did he mean I fascinate?  Like Scheherazade trying to keep her head until morning, I enjoy telling a good story -- I think we've established that. But in passive agressive honor of this guy, I am suspending today's story and instead providing a peek at the new Kona and batik quilt.

The one I made for myself comprises 25 five-inch blocks, plus the joining units. The one I'm working on will have at least 90 blocks that each finish to about eight and one-half inches, plus the joining units. My friend has chosen marvelous batiks and we're using my Konas, plus a few more of my batiks, and it's coming together beautifully.

This isn't the layout, of course, but here's a preview:
I have 35 blocks completed so the finish line isn't even in sight, but I'm enjoying every stitch.

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