Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bright spots

I have an interesting relationship with the postal workers at the Bear Creek station.

Because one of them asked when I applied for a passport if I knew what a bubbler was, I was inspired to write a humorous essay about Wisconsin code that was published in On Wisconsin magazine.

Yesterday, I was in line to mail two quilts I'd sold when the woman about to wait on me said to her co-worker, "Oh, this is one of my favorite customers. She always has a smile on her face. She's one of the bright spots in my day."

Truthfully, I don't recall her ever helping me before, and I'm usually pretty good with that. But I do smile a lot (hence the charming 'expression lines' like tiger stripes from my eyes to my mouth). And I am frequently mistaken for someone else.

For years, people have asked me if I'm a teacher. It seems to go in streaks -- I won't hear anything for a while, then the question will arise three or four times in one week. I was in the grocery store once when a bunch of kids hugged me, crying out Miss Someone's name. I corrected them, but that was kind of nice. Random hugs from children should not be discouraged.

I'm a little perplexed by the notion that I have the face of a teacher, however. (I've thought about responding to "Are you a teacher?" with "No, I'm an international supermodel." I always have had a rich, full fantasy life.)  It's not a bad thing to be accused of, but what exactly does it mean? Recently, someone said it's because I look welcoming and kind, which is a nice thing to say about me and about teachers.

All I know is, I can accept the question better when it's a younger person who's asking. The day some 60-year-old inquires if I was his fifth grade teacher is the day I go for Botox and the Lifestyle Lift. And, possibly, my gun.

Anyway, bright spots are populating the Kona and batik quilt. I think they're adding a little sparkle and excitement. I may keep this one to hang in my dining room. (Although I would happily accept an off-the-books preorder if anyone wants to buy it!) I'm sure I'll move around some of the horizontal pieces that separate the main blocks, I'm not crazy about the green next to the green in the middle, and I have to fill in a blank spot -- but overall, I like it. Any suggestions, color lovers?

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