Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More show, less tell redux

Because I have a Board meeting this evening, I don't have the usual amount of time to regale you with witty repartee and/or inanities.

I do, however, have a few items to show off.

First is the Kona and batik wallhanging, back already from the quilter. (I love my quilter but it was only today that I thought about the significance of her name, which is Cheri Blocker. She's a quilter and her name is Blocker! Ok. That amused me.) Cheri owned Time Treasured Quilts, which was the most amazing quilt shop. When she closed her doors, I was about as sad as any fabric addict could be. Fortunately, she had staged an incredible going out of business sale and I was able to acquire some marvelous prints (and the regrettable cow and bull flannel) at a significant discount. The last time I was in the store, the woman checking out in front of me was buying $400 worth of fabric... all at $3/yard. It took a team to get her purchases to her car. We other shoppers gave her a bit of a hard time about where she'd store her bounty, but I think she did more to assuage our guilt than a therapist could ever manage.

Cheri suggested I go with a whimsical loop-and-daisy pattern for this quilt. I think she has an unerring eye.

The back of the quilt looks great, too, I think. She used a variegated thread that draws just the right amount of attention to the quilting.

I've also finished piecing the animal quilt I started last week using one of my "uglies." I love the featured fabric and plan to use it as the backing. Still need to come up with the right print for the borders.
I'll try to do some close-ups of the squares for tomorrow.

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