Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Very Pinteresting

I resisted getting a Facebook account because I figured it was only for college and high school students, not for sophisticated women of substance like me.  But then a friend told me she had it and thought I would have fun on it. I said if she took a photo of me that I could use for my profile, I'd join in. She did, I did and you can see by my timeline (which I hate) that I have been quite an active participant over the last two years.

When my account went live, or whatever it's called, I immediately was "friended" (not befriended because, of course, befriend is an actual transitive verb, not a noun made into a verb, so we must ignore it) by a man I know from church who said, accurately and presciently, "Welcome to the greatest time suck in the history of humankind." (Thanks to the heinous timeline, you should be able to find this reference quite easily.)

Well, it's possible that Pinterest has got Facebook beat.

For the unitiated, Pinterest is an online service that allows the user to create virtual bulletin boards on which he or she can pin things of  interest. Copyright laws not withstanding, this is a way to mine the Internet and share with others recipes you like, decor you desire to emulate, clothing you wish you owned, etc. Other users can follow you and comment on or repin your pins.

I have several bulletin boards -- they're simply called boards, actually -- and the one filling up the fastest is called Creative Inspiration. Mostly, it comprises photos of quilts I'd like to make or wish I had. And it really has inspired me: the Kona and batik quilt is the result of seeing a similar one pinned by someone I follow (cuz I'm a creepster like that. OK, I realize to follow isn't just used in the physical sense, but can't they come up with something a little more benign?). Because I've been quilting for a couple of decades, I often don't need a pattern. In this case, I just studied the photo and made my own design.

I've also pinned the quilts I have listed on my etsy shop on one of my boards. The quilts are often repinned, but it appears the repinners are, like me,  looking for inspiration rather than interested in buying.

I see that several Pinteresters (that can't be right) write blogs about the DIY projects they've done from pins they've seen. It's a vicious-yet-cute-and-fluffy cycle.

I'm about to start a few more Pinterest-inspired quilts. If you follow me on Pinterest, look for one I refer to as reminding me of Juicy Fruit gum -- Blogger won't let me copy the link, which is probably for the better because I don't want to go to copyright jail, having been sentenced to copywriter prison years ago.

And if you're interested in seeing my etsy shop, it's right here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/QuiltingMissDaisy.

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