Monday, March 26, 2012

Just do it

I am not a waffler. (If I lived in Brussels, I would not be a Belgian waffler.) As I've said before, I tend to make decisions fairly easily and quickly because I rely on my instincts and my gut, which is why I have to keep my weight up. Certainly there are times when I'm more deliberate, but my feeling is that unless the decision will affect my or my family's health, wealth or well-being in some way, or cause harm to society or something of that caliber, life is too short to sweat stuff.

And then a day like last Thursday comes around, where I can't decide if I should quilt a quilt myself or send it to a pro.

So I asked my husband. I could see the thought bubble fill in over his head: "I really don't care. You decide." But he provided a more magnanimous response: "You can spend the money if you want. You decide." (Then he returned to thinking about electronically traded funds or President Grant or whatever was on his mind that moment. When people talk about the Cloud now, I say that's where husband has been all along.)

So I did decide, and I quilted it myself.

I still need to iron it, but I took it outside after laundering to make sure I could see all the loose threads and such I needed to pick off, and here's what it looked like.

Not bad, right? I actually like the wrinkled, homespun appearance, but I'm afraid that suggests overall quilting, which is misleading. So before I put it on my etsy (again, I'll accept advance orders), I'll flatten it out.

I also sewed the binding onto the table runner that I had quilted with machine embroidered suns.
I'm going to keep this one, because I'm hosting a sunny beach-themed wedding shower and I think it will look great as a focal point.

I also binded (not bound) the Kona and batik quilt, and put the borders on the whimsical animal quilt. All this while watching 5.6 million hours of college hoops during which time I was, thankfully, not blinded by the Baylor team's uniforms.

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