Thursday, March 15, 2012

Every dog has his day

I don't really care for Christina Aguilera, and I am sick to death of her breasts, which she insists upon nearly shoving in my face on The Voice (I swear, they alone are the reason I tremble in fear at the idea of 3D television). My husband, remember, is very nearly a Victorian throwback who rarely says anything untoward toward anyone, and even he made a choice remark about her (and them) the other day.

Now, here's where things get a little complicated, though. I really like the Grammy-winning song You Are Beautiful, which was an Aguilera hit and has become a GLBT anthem, although its message of empowerment is appropriate for anyone who's ever fought insecurity and low self-esteem.

That song came to mind as I was looking in my stash for companion fabrics to go with this fanciful Alexander Henry print of animals in trees. I had decided to fussy-cut the main animal motifs to use as center squares, then surround them with other bright prints.

And what should rear its ugly head? One of my least favorite fabrics, that I well and fully dissed here less than a month ago. I thought it might have the right jungle/forest vibe, and it certainly picked up the eyes of the ring-tailed lemur (or whatever it is) that I put it with.

And you know what? Cut into 2.5 inch strips, it's not that bad at all, no matter what I say. In fact, I used it in a second block, one that features a lion.

Here's another block from the series. I actually have nine of them sewn together -- they're offset with white sashing -- but my camera's battery pack is dead again (!) so I couldn't take another photo.
I think this will be a really cute kid's quilt. I plan to put it on etsy some time next week.

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